Day 1 Grades

2017 NFL Draft Day 1 Grades

The Steals

The 49ers, Saints, Redskins, Steelers, and Colts stole Day 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft.

The 49ers landed Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas. Thomas ran the combine like an Explosive Edge Rusher, and Foster getting drafted at #31 overall could one day be remembered as the steal of the 2017 draft.

New Orleans grabbed Marshon Lattimore and Ryan Ramczyk. It is unlikely the Saints War Room thought it was even possible for Lattimore to be there at #11. They also drafted Ryan Ramczyk, who was great value at #32.

The Washington Redskins drafted Jonathan Allen, who presumably fell because of a shoulder injury. The details are fuzzy as to why a top 5 talent fell all the way to #17.

The Pittsburgh Steelers found good value in T.J. Watt, who could one day be thought of as a Draft Day Steal.

The Indianapolis Colts could not have drawn it up any better as Malik Hooker fell in their laps. Pictures released from the Colts War Room indicate he might have been the Colts 4th highest rated player in the draft, with an overall score of 96.

Although it is not reflected in the numbers, Cleveland also had a good day. Hue Jackson and company never panicked, and stayed true to the board. First of all they took the top rated player, Myles Garrett (EDGE). They had an opportunity to draft a quarterback at #12 and instead moved down to 25 where they drafted Jabrill Peppers (Safety). They also moved back into the first round and snagged David Njoku (Tight End).

Time will tell if trading up (10 overall) to draft Patrick Mahomes was a good decision by the Chiefs. Andy Reid and company have a great history of developing quarterbacks. The 2017 NFL Draft is so deep that every player drafted on Day 1 was worthy of becoming a first round draft pick.

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