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Josh Allen got his opportunity in the second game of his freshman season following an injury to starting quarterback Cameron Coffman. 13 plays later, Allen suffered a broken right clavicle (throwing shoulder), ending his 2015 season.

“We initially thought it was (broken in) two or three places,” Allen said. “When I went in for surgery, the doctor said I broke it in seven places. So I’ve got eight screws and a plate in there now. It doesn’t bother me at all to throw. It’s definitely back to 100 percent health.”

Wyoming lost a lot of firepower in 2017. RB Brian Hill (Falcons), TE Jacob Hollister (Patriots), Tanner Gentry (Bears), and WR Jake Maulhardt (Saints) all played huge roles for the Wyoming Cowboys in 2016. Allen was left with a new crew to train in, and his numbers were down from a 2016 season that wasn’t statisically impressive either.

Still, NFL executives are excited about Allen’s potential future in the NFL. He has a cannon of an arm, a 6’5″ & 237-pound frame, and the type of competitiveness we see in the great ones.

Wyoming’s offense doesn’t have a plethora of bubble screens that typically pad a college quarterback’s completion percentage. Allen was asked to make the hard down-field (NFL) throws.

Allen loves football. He watched The Waterboy so much his mom started calling him Joshy Boucher. Has publicly stated he wants to be drafted No. 1 overall and help change the Cleveland Browns franchise around.

NFL Comparison
Carson Wentz

Elite (of the elite) arm strength. Prototypical height and weight for the position. Throws the ball very accurate on the run.

Can struggle with accuracy from the pocket. Poor completion percentage is not solely his fault as there are some drops, and it was a downfield passing offense. Often holds the ball too long. He will have the same problems Andrew Luck did early on. Needs to learn to throw the ball away instead of taking the sack. He also needs to learn how to slide. He won’t run over everyone at the next level.

Mechanically, there are some things Josh Allen can clean up. Often over-strides, doesn’t set his feet the right way, and closes his hips. He needs to have a more short-front-stride and allow himself to chase the hip. He is working with Jordan Palmer throughout the draft season to mechanically clean his game up.

Possesses all the physical tools to play in the NFL. Huge Arm, and good mobility in the pocket. He can rip it from the far hash to the sideline in a hurry. The ball really comes out with some force.

An NFL team might overlook the poor numbers (56.2 completion percentage) and take him very early, because they fall in love with the measurable’s. It cannot be overlooked that Josh Allen is a project who hasn’t yet properly developed his overall college potential, and he is moving on to a bigger stage. Injuries and a fluctuating surrounding cast have certainly not helped him. Taking him early is a moderate risk and enormous reward proposition.

Player Notes
09/12/2015 – Josh Allen is out for the season after suffering a broken right clavicle in 58-29 loss to Eastern Michigan.
09/10/2016 – In his second career start, Josh Allen throws 5 interceptions in 52-17 loss to Nebraska.

Senior Bowl Notes
Was very impressive tossing the ball in practice. Made some big time, powerful (NFL type) throws.

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