Jabrill Peppers Tests Positive For Dilute Sample

Jabrill Peppers tests positive for dilute sample at the NFL combine. Peppers is widely considered first round talent, and a top 3 safety in the 2017 draft class. He is a tweener prospect who could play linebacker or safety at the next level.

Peppers is the second player in less than a week to have news break about testing positive for a dilute sample. On April 20th, the news broke of Reuben Foster testing positive because of diluted sample at the NFL Combine.

A test is deemed “dilute” when the sample is highly concentrated in water. A person can drink so much water that it can become very difficult to find the presence of drugs in a urine sample. To close the backdoor of a conceivable way to cheat the system, the test is automatically deemed positive for drugs due to a dilute sample.

Players (including draft prospects) who test positive for a dilute drug sample will enter the NFL drug program. Stage One is a 180-day probationary period in which the player must fully cooperative and not fail another drug test. If another test is failed then the player will enter Stage Two, and be subject to a four-game suspension or fine equivalent to a four-game suspension.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, is sure to receive an abundance of calls from NFL teams asking questions about Peppers’ history. Teams are going to have to go back to the board and investigate whether this is a one-time occurrence or if there have been other issues. Drafting a player who fails a drug test can be tricky, because players with a failed drug test on their records are possibly only another failure away from a suspension.