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Baker Mayfield began his college career at Texas Tech, and then transferred to Oklahoma. Baker’s college production is off the charts, as he accounted for 152 touchdowns in his college football career.

NFL Comparison
Russell Wilson

Dual threat quarterback. Exceptional mobility to avoid would-be sacks in the pocket. Extends plays with his feet and looks downfield while scrambling. Outstanding deep ball passer. In 2017, Baker threw for 1,580 yards (3rd best in FBS) and 15 touchdowns on passes over 20 yards. His teammates love and respect him. Brings a lot of energy to a team and its fan base.

Has less than ideal height for the position (measured just over 6 feet at the Senior Bowl), but that stereotype has faded in recent years with the success of Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. He doesn’t stay in the pocket long enough, often bouncing before he needs to. His footwork needs improvement to help him relax in the pocket and generate more power on his throws. Has some off-the-field concerns, possessing similar Johnny Manziel traits that worry NFL decision makers.

He played in a spread offense and really wasn’t pressured much in college. Most of the time his receivers were wide open. He needs to prove he can fit the ball into tight (NFL) windows. He also needs to prove he can hang tough in the pocket with real NFL pressure coming at him, and deliver the strike down the field.

I think Baker Mayfield will be drafted somewhere in the top 6 picks. There is way too much production to overlook. The team that drafts Baker will need to settle him down and teach him how to play quarterback from the pocket. However, a team needs to be careful not to make him too stationary, because his wheels are what makes him so special. If a team plays him early then it will certainly be with some RPO’s built into the playbook.

Senior Bowl Notes
Showed up late to the Senior Bowl, because of a family situation. His mother was not feeling well. Knew the playbook well, and the coaches sprinkled in some RPO plays in practice for him. Really cemented his stock, and answered a lot of questions during the Senior Bowl practices. Made some very nice reads, and went through his progressions very well. Threw the ball very well, and showed off his mobility.

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