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Receivers from Alabama are not going have a ton of numbers, because they are not a primary function of the offense. Alabama’s game plan has historically been to run the football and play great defense. Alabama receivers must be able to run block, and Calvin Ridley is well-schooled in run blocking.

His speed is a threat to any defense. Sells fly routes then breaks off comeback routes extremely well. Makes the tough catches over the middle of the field. Has shown excellent hands and ability to catch the ball when focused. Good route running makes him frequently open in the middle of the field.

Long physical corners can jam him and effectively disrupt his route off the line of scrimmage. Can sometimes look up the field before securing the ball.

Calvin Ridley is a thin receiver who struggles to get off the line against physical corners. On free releases, he runs crisp routes. Playing for Alabama held him back as a receiver, because he hasn’t had a top quarterback throwing the ball to him. In the NFL, quarterbacks can consistently connect with him on back-shoulder, fades, deep corners routes, and so on. He will improve with better quarterback play.

Ridley is an excellent route runner, with speed, and he can get open. Although, I do have concerns about his ability to shake physical corners off the ball, he has the ingredients to be a very successful receiver in the NFL.

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