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Darius Leonard compiled 381 tackles, 54 tackles for loss, and 20 sacks, 6 interceptions, 13 pass breakups, and forced 7 fumbles during his college career. Not bad for a guy who Clemson passed on.

Clemson didn’t want Darius Leonard but now the NFL does

Darius is loyal and very dependable. Don’t tell him he can’t, because he will make you a liar.

NFL Comparison
Telvin Smith

Best Position Fit
43 MIKE / 43 WILL

Has exceptional speed to run sideline to sideline and protect the perimeter. Good instincts to pre-read and diagnose plays. Shows good acceleration to begin pursuit of the football. Possesses excellent football awareness. Tight ropes the line of scrimmage, staying fast and avoiding the trash. Sheds blocks and gets to the ball carrier. Has a great work ethic. He is extremely coach-able and wants to do a good job for his coaches. He has excellent ball skills (6 interceptions and 13 pass breakups).

He is on the slim side (229 lbs.) and needs to add a little more strength to play MIKE at the next level. He doesn’t have the nasty, aggressive trait that we normally see in linebackers. Played against weaker competition in the MEAC. The NFL doesn’t schedule Delaware State and Howard.

Darius Leonard is an interesting linebacker prospect. The Bulldogs mostly lined him up at MIKE. On occasion he played in the slot where he performed very well. He is not a thumper, but he is a sure tackler. He is much more intelligent than physical. He is also more athletic than physical. Hopefully adding the necessary weight to play in the NFL doesn’t impact his speed. NFL nutritionist and trainers are going to do wonders for his physique

Darius is a student of the game and his ceiling might be based his physical maturation catching up with his mental maturation. He is going to find a home in the NFL and become a sponge. He will soak up all the information a defensive coordinator can throw at him. I see Darius as a 43 WILL. He has a chance to become a late first round pick, but he will likely come off the board somewhere on Day 2.

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