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Mike Hughes has been a journeyman throughout his college career. His career began with Tar Heels, but quickly ended due to an off-the-field issue. He enrolled at Garden City Community College in 2016. In 2017 he transferred to UCF. It is very difficult for any player to master a trade if they are constantly changing coaches, moving to new environments, and have no foundation or solid stability for natural maturation to take place.

Best Position Fit
Outside Corner

Plays physically aggressive in press coverage. Has some mean to him on the line of scrimmage. Makes receivers earn the privilege to run a route. Has receiver like hands. Has the speed to stay with the fastest receivers.

Personal foundation is a huge concern. Lacks experience. Doesn’t stayed glued to receivers.

Mike Hughes has spent 3 years at 3 different colleges. When he walks into an NFL team locker room, it will be the 4th team he has played for in the past 4 years. The red flags are flying all over the place here. He will probably get drafted fairly high (late 1 to mid 2), because of projected potential. I wouldn’t take him until Day 3. Too much baggage and not enough polish. Had he stayed at UCF another year and continued to improve then maybe we are having a different conversation in 2019.

He will probably make his way early on as a return man, and will need to sit and learn how to play corner at the next level. The time will be good for him to create a solid foundation and focus on his professional career.

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