O.J. Howard Scouting Report

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O.J. Howard is a towering 6’6″ (249). A four year player who wasn’t often utilized in the passing game as Alabama. Recorded 1,726 receiving yards on 114 receptions with 7 touchdowns in his college career. Modest numbers could be attributed to offensive philosophy. Never was unleashed to show off all his talents. Round peg in a square hole.

NFL Comparison
Greg Olsen

Great combination of size and athleticism. Possess extremely long arms and enormous hands. Had only 3 drops in his final two seasons. Gets a quick release and accelerates quickly into his route. Very good run and pass blocker. Well schooled in blocking. Plays big in big games.

Playing time dropped in senior season. It is unknown how committed he is to playing football. Doesn’t have a lot of plays with yards after catch. Leans on his size and athleticism instead of technical skills.

O.J. Howard has top 15 talent. Very clean player with no off the field issues. However, teams might questionable his desire to play football. His stock could is all over the place. Well schooled blocking tight end who was not properly used at Alabama. The team drafting him will be drafting the potential he can be in the NFL rather than what he put on his college resume.

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