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Following an impressive freshman season, Josh Rosen was on the shortlist as a favorite to win the 2016 Heisman Trophy. However, he struggled in his sophomore campaign, completing less than 60% of his passes over the first 6 games. He missed the remainder of the season with an injury to his throwing shoulder.

In 2017, Rosen improved his accuracy by 7 points while under pressure, and over 2 points with down the field passes. Was given the name “Chosen Rosen” after an epic 27-point, come from behind victory over Texas A&M. Rosen threw four touchdowns in the final 15 minutes.

Rosen comes from wealth. His father is a spine surgeon and mother an accomplished journalist. His ancestry roots include founders of Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the J.B. Lippincott publishing company. He grew up in an 8-million-dollar home in Manhattan Beach, California. At 10-years old he was the No. 1 ranked tennis player (for his age group) in Southern California.

Josh Rosen has no desire to be political correct. He once bought his friend a round of golf at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. As they played Rosen wore a bandanna that said, “Bleep Trump”. This went viral after he posted it on his Instagram. Rosen has also mocked colleges (including UCLA) for making so much football money, yet not paying the players. He says he chose UCLA over bigger football schools to “mess with people”.

Has the arm strength to make every NFL throw. Can put touch on the ball when needed. Has excellent awareness in the pocket. Stands poised in the pocket and delivers. Does a good job recognizing the blitz. Elite footwork and mechanics. Possesses the appropriate size for the position.

Is often injured and has not been available enough. His last 2 college seasons ending early due to injury. Inconsistent accuracy on deep throws in 2016 but showed improvement in 2017.

Rosen is known to be outspoken about highly politicized and controversial topics. He may have an issue with leadership. He is not easy to coach. These red flags will need to be answered throughout the interview process.

Josh Rosen will have to answer some tough questions about his character. He might care more about stirring the pot than playing football. His character and past injury history could cause him to slip in this draft. He rubs people the wrong way and is a risky pick. However, he has all the physical tools to become a Day 1 starter in the NFL.

When a coach or an executive (sometimes both) selects a quarterback with a top 3 pick in the NFL draft, the union becomes a marriage. Coaches normally don’t get too many marriages, and they’re typically only allowed 1 marriage per coaching stint. Furthermore, the career success and failures of a coach and his quarterback are usually parallel. It’s going to take a lot coaching and executive savvy to sign off on Josh Rosen, and somebody is going to do it.

Player Notes
11/04/2016 – Josh Rosen will miss the rest of the 2016 season due to a throwing shoulder (nerve) injury suffered against Arizona State on October 8th.
09/04/2017 – Epic 27-point come from behind victory over Texas A&M.
01/03/2018Josh Rosen declares for the 2018 NFL Draft.