Solomon Thomas Scouting Report

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Combine Stats
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Lived five years in Australia. Recorded 8 and a half sacks and 16 tackles for loss in 2016. In 2015 recorded 3 and a half sacks and 10 and a half tackles for loss.

NFL Comparison
Justin Smith

Best Position Fit
Defensive End (3-4), Defensive End (4-3)

Elite strength and quickness with a workhorse mentality. Easily sheds a blocker, and uses power and speed as a pass rusher. Possesses sideline to sideline speed. A dominating run defender, and aggressive pass rusher. Moves with fluidity up and down the line of scrimmage. Has an outstanding swim move. Not likely to be manhandled one-on-one.

Only one year of elite production. Tweener who is not ideally long enough for outside, and not big enough for inside. Aggressive to jump the snap, and he can be caught with hard counts.

Outstanding run defender. Played all across the line at Stanford; 1 through 9-techniques. Mostly played inside at Stanford, but due to his size he will likely play outside at next level. Position flexibility is all over the defensive line from 9-technique to nose tackle (if he gains the necessary weight/strength). Best initial position might be as a 5-Technique. Definitely a Tweener and his future position will be decided by the team that drafts him. A team can have all of the best ideas of where to play him, but he is the type of player you draft then put him on the field to see where he fits best. He is a difference-maker with all-pro potential.